Bring balance and wellness back into your life and Live Fully!

Having completed my post secondary education in Recreation Therapy in 1998 and my Reiki Master Certification in 2010, I have strived to incorporate Wellness, Reiki and Energy Healing into all aspects of my life. It is my purpose to share this gift with people of all ages and animals of all types!


Reiki can benefit people of all ages and animals too! We all have the ability to heal from within. During a Reiki Session I can guide and help you to access this energy and relax completely.

Recreation Therapy

Therapeutic Recreation professionals work with people of all ages and abilities to enhance physical, cognitive, emotional and social wellness. As your Recreation Therapist, I can help you find balance in all these areas through meaningful leisure activities.

Wellness Mentoring

Not sure where to start? Let’s meet and develop your individual path to wellness together!